Thursday, 24 April 2014

Another job for Walking North Wales

Cadwyn Clwyd have recently commissioned Walking North Wales to carry out a project entitled Flintshire Digital Mapping. This involves the conversion of maps currently in leaflet and website form, essentially static maps, into a digital format. The model can be seen at This was a contract won in open competition against all other potential providers and is seen as markedly superior to any of the app solutions thus far developed. Much of the work involves walking all of the 27 Flintshire circular walk routes, a distance of some 160 miles, photographing places of interest an major turning points and updating the walk information. Much of this leg work is being done by sterling volunteers organised by the Ramblers Association. Our job has been to provide the equipment and to train the volunteers in the use of the kit. Once we have the information our job will be to use it to populate the website which is being created by James Gooding of Y-not Digital.

Ron Williams and the Flintshire volunteers set out along the route.
A new stile has appeared and needs adding to the text in Welsh and English.

What was once a wooded sunken lane has been transformed and this needs recording.

This was a former railway track, now hardly recognisable.
Every yard of the walk needs to be recorded on the GPS.

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