Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The journey continues...

Yesterday I tackled the next section of the Wales Coast Path south of Llanbedr. I walked this in the opposite south to north direction to keep the sun at my back (less chance of sunburn that way). I parked up in the same place as before - Llanbedr station car park and caught a bus south to Sunnysands bus stop just south of Tal y Bont. The weather started out a bit cloudier today, which perhaps didn't do this section justice. With the grass still brown from the winter it gave some parts quite a melancholy vibe, but it would be much more cheerful in the summer. My overall distance walked was 9.2 miles.

The starting point on the main road down to Barmouth.

A lot of this walk was crossing fields - fortunately not many of them had livestock at this time of year.

Some bits were very boggy, even after the recent dry weather. They should clear up by summer though.

The next part went through a caravan site. I had to ask directions to find this stile tucked away in a corner.

The bridge over the Afon Ysgethin as you approach Tal y Bont.

More caravans - difficult to avoid on this part unfortunately.

The Ardudwy Way is an alternative inland route.

Back onto open fields... a little bit bleak and lonely at this time of year.

This ruined barn by the side of the route took the bleakness up another notch.

The approach to Traeth Dyffryn - handy to know there's a cafe nearby.

A cheerful little sign by the entrance to the beach.

There's a well maintained wooden walkway across the dunes to the beach.

There's a large shingle bank that you have to cross to get to the beach proper.

Quite a lot of surf that day.

The edges of the dunes were cut into these layers by the wind. You can see how a few million years of pressure might turn this into rock strata.

The beach itself was magnificent - a huge expanse of sand with very few people.

The northern part of the beach where the coast path leaves it to skirt to the south of shell island.

Quite an impressive panorama when you climb up onto the grassland.

This is the nature reserve set back from the beach. It's quite hidden away behind the dunes.

Another shot of the nature reserve with a little lake in the distance.

The next section was a causeway through a huge field of rushes.

I must admit, this part seemed to go on forever.

Llanbedr Airfield, which despite being described as "disused" on the OS map was very busy with gliders taking off.

Here you can see a plane towing a glider into the air.

The long road stretch back to the car.

Back at the train station near my car. It's good to see the train company promoting the Wales Coast Path. The train line is really well suited for exploring it.

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